"Smart Application Digital Commerce Platform" (TAIROA B2B) gathers the most outstanding "Smart Manufacturing" and "Smart Service" products, components, and system integration providers in Taiwan, offering services such as display, consultation, matchmaking, transactions, conferences, and demand collection.
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The latest activities
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The latest articles

World Robotics 2023 Report: Asia ahead of Europe and the Americas

資料參考來源:國際機器人聯盟 (International Federation of Robotics) 原始資料公告日期:2023/9/26(二) 翻譯與整理:社團法人台灣智慧自動化與機器人協會

President’s Report by Marina Bill-Exciting events and awards

President’s Report by Marina Bill Exciting events and awards

ERA Award Recognizes Innovative Start-Up

IERA Award Recognizes Innovative Start-Up Fourier Intelligence named as winner at ICRA 2023

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