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Robotics Research: How Asia, Europe and America Invest – Global Report 2023 by IFR IFR releases “World Robotics R&D Programs”

Countries around the world invest in robotics to support developments in industry and society. What are the exact targets of robotics research funding programs (R&D) officially driven by governments in Asia, Europe and America today? This has been researched by the International Federation of Robotics and published in the 2023 update paper of “World Robotics R&D Programs”.

President’s Report by Marina Bill Review of the past year

資料參考來源:國際機器人聯盟 (International Federation of Robotics) 原始資料公告日期:2022/12/19(一) 翻譯與整理:社團法人台灣智慧自動化與機器人協會

China overtakes USA in robot density-according to World Robotics 2022 Report

China overtakes USA in robot density according to World Robotics 2022 Report Frankfurt, Dec 05, 2022 — China’s massive investment in industrial robotics has put the country in the top ranking of robot density, surpassing the United States for the first time. The number of operational industrial robots relative to the number of workers hit 322 units per 10,000 employees in the manufacturing industry. Today, China ranks in fifth place. The world´s top 5 most automated countries in manufacturing 2021 are: South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Germany and China.

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