About the Platform

"Digital Smart Application Business Platform (TAIROA B2B)" gathers Taiwan's most outstanding "Smart Manufacturing", "Smart Service" products. Service including components, system integrators, display, consulting, matching, trading, and conferences. The platform will occasionally launch intelligent and digital application research and discussion, forums, market information and other services, allowing international and domestic manufacturers to share technology and knowledge in order to achieve the dual benefits of business and energy enhancement. The website contains three languages: Chinese, English and Japanese. TAIROA continues to promote the platform at home and abroad. It is the best platform for industries to expand overseas markets and international trading.

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Industry Map

Intelligent automation and robotics industry in Taiwan are obvious all around the world. Facing the wave of global intelligence and digitization, Taiwan has established a complete supply chain system and has a place in the international market. The industry map in TAIROA B2B combines ‘smart manufacturing’, ‘smart service’production and manufacturing of soft and hard capabilities in Taiwan with multiple robot products, smart components, system integration solutions, industrial application solutions, etc Welcome to search the Industry Map and find your partner!

Smart Manufacturing

Electronic Components, Metal Processing, Textiles, Vehicle, Aerospace, Biotechnology, Energy, etc.

Smart Service

Household robots, Agricultural robots, Animal husbandry robots, Cleaning robots, Security Robots, Logistics robots, Medical robots, etc.

【Top 5 Robot Trends 2021 】Robots learn new tricks and help to reduce carbon footprint

Frankfurt, Feb 17, 2021 — Annual installations of industrial robots more than tripled within ten years (2010-2019) reaching 381 thousand units in factories around the world. The International Federation of Robotics shows top 5 trends shaping industries around the globe.

Photoneo, MotionCam-3D, a robot with "eyes" like a human were awarded The 16th Robotics and Automation Innovation Entrepreneur Award (IERA)

Reference data source:International Federation of Robotics Date of raw data declaration:2020/12/15(Tue.) Summary:Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association

TAIROA, together with nine institutes from the production and research fields, would be the best platform for promoting the localization of semiconductor equipment

The semiconductor industry in Taiwan no doubt is a key force in the global supply chain, and being part of this force, it has two main focuses: the “Advanced semiconductor manufacturing center” and the “High-end production hub for Asia”. They are not only focal points that are helping Taiwanese industries upgrade to another level, but also an important part of the government’s plan. These two main focal points involve the localization of the material supply, self-sufficiency in technology, localization of the equipment manufacturing of foreign companies, and localization of advanced packaging equipment.