A company located in Central Europe, Poland, a strong player in the electronics design and production called VECTOR Blue Hub Electronics Manufacturing Company - VECTOR BLUE HUB is currently looking for a partner for JV or takeover. It is a family run company with 35 years of successful performance and 100 highly qualified engineers. In the past the main clients of the company came from the telecom sector. They are well experienced in servicing international clients. One of their key customers is a US based semiconductor manufacturing equipment vendor.

【波蘭電子製造商 】VECTOR Blue Hub 尋找台灣合作夥伴

位於中歐波蘭的VECTOR Blue Hub電子製造公司是電子設計和生產領域的實力雄厚的公司-VECTOR BLUE HUB目前正在尋找合資或收購的合作夥伴。 它是一家家族經營公司,擁有 35 年的成功業績和 100 名高素質工程師。 過去,該公司的主要客戶來自電信業。 他們在服務國際客戶方面擁有豐富的經驗。 他們的主要客戶之一是美國半導體製造設備供應商。